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Angled Mount for S330 Eufy Security Video Doorbell Camera

Angled Mount for S330 Eufy Security Video Doorbell Camera

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This bracket adjusts the angle of the eufy Security Video Doorbell camera by the angle amount listed. Please select if you have the battery version or the hardwired version, the mounts are not interchangeable.

The hardwired version is 132mm (5.20") top to bottom, with a 63mm (2.48") mounting hole spacing.

The battery version is 162mm (6.38") top to bottom, with a 93mm (3.66") moutning hole spacing. The original mounting spacing pattern on this camera is offset, so 4 holes are required to give the option to mount the camera in both the left and right direction, based on your applicaiton.

-All mounts are bi-directional, meaning they can be angled to the left or to the right by rotating the bracket at installation.
-Manufactured from high quality filament that is UV resistant and outdoor rated.
-Integrated brass threaded inserts and stainless-steel hardware to attach the Eufy camera mount plate.
-Utilizes the factory camera backing plate. Not stackable with the included Eufy wedge mount.
-Includes optional stainless-steel anchor set.

-Please contact me with a photo of your mounting location if you're unsure which will be best for you and I'll help you get what you need.

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