• Quality Materials

    • We use high quality filaments, uncomprimised in color and layer bond quality.
    • Where applicable, threaded brass inserts eliminate weak pressure points in stress areas and ensure secure connections, without deforming the plastic.
    • Stainless steel hardware resists corrosion in outdoor applicaions.
    • High quality neodymium magnets provide secure and convienient attachment points.
  • Manufacturing

    • Investment into most 3D printing technologies and regular upgrades allow us to maintain our strength and quality standards. Other proccesses have their benefits, but in today's world the materials and mechanical properties available in the 3D printing space are signifigantly evolved from earlier times. We utilize the correct plastic materials to each product to eliminate concerns with temperature, strength, UV exposure or any number of other characteristics.
    • Why 3D printing over other proccesses such as injection molding? 3D printing allows us to modify our products in real time and get them immediately into production, make adjustments, or develop and test new products. With other proccess we don't have the flexibility to adjust to manufacturer changes in such a manner.
  • Design

    All products are designed using 3D modeling software ensuring unparralled accuracy. A lot of time is invested into designing and testing our products to ensure the best experience possible. We coninually impliment revisions to improve product design and durability.